Endraft®, the original INDOOR insulating and decorative room air conditioner is an attractively designed product that compliments both home and workplace décor. Manufactured in three sizes, it fits virtually all standard window and through-the-wall units. Made of a washable, beige, blue or brown, plain poly/cotton fabric or an off-white, 100% cotton damask fabric, it also includes a 100% windblocking liner and a roll of removable vinyl tape. Endraft® is unconditionally guaranteed to stop all cold drafts, dirt and allergens that blow through idle room air conditioners.

With its high energy efficient insulating qualities, Endraft® replaces non-insulating outdoor covers and can lengthen the life of an air conditioner. Exterior covers used alone trap indoor heat that collides with outside cold which can cause condensation, rust and damage. Exterior covers cut off vital air circulation needed for constant evaporation and are often difficult and awkward to install, especially on upper stories. Endraft® covers are easy to put on, easy to maintain, easy to remove, easy to clean, and easy to store!

Endraft® has been tested by an independent laboratory, CON EDISON, and the LONG ISLAND LIGHTING CO., and its use has been suggested to many utility customers as a major way to reduce overhead. CON EDISON told one large cooperative complex in New York City that if it covered all of its room air conditioners with Endraft®, it would save $70,000 per year in heating bills. Endraft® will fit most rectangular air conditioners that fall within the following sizes. (They will not fit units with an extended slanted top. Custom sizes are available at an additional charge.)

Small fits units 12"-14" high by 18"-21" wide & extend 2" or more into a room.  
Medium fits units 15"-17" high by 22"-25" wide & extend 2" or more into a room.  
Large fits units 18"-20" high by 26"-28" wide & extend 2" or more into a room.  
Standard covers are $19.95 each plus s/h and Cotton Damask covers are $21.95 each plus s/h. Quantity discounts are available.
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